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Romania 19-03-2013 - 13:36

Dear contact,

I deeply regret having to inform you about a very unpleasant event which occurred at our company in Romania.

You may well have received correspondence from a company called Orchid Maintenance, stating WTS has been taken over by Orchid Maintenance. This is most definitely not the case! Wind Turbine Service still exists, including its loyal employees.

Our employee Cristina Procop started her own company two floors above ours in the same building, after she was confronted about serious and unsafe work situations and irregularities in the business operations. It later became apparent she had been planning this for some time.


We found a ransacked office upon arrival at my company in Constanta. Plants, stamps, paper, telephones, laptops, etc, it was all gone. A car purchased for WTS is not being returned to the company. Valuable tools are missing. Rental charges paid for by the parent company have not been received by the landlord. Plus Mrs Procop is treating WTS’ contacts like her own personal contacts. It goes without saying that legal proceedings have been initiated against Cristina Procop.

Our internal problem naturally isn’t your problem, but we felt it was prudent to provide you with this information after receiving one-sided correspondence from Mrs Procop.

WTS has gained 22 years of experience in wind energy. Our site in Romania is supported by training local Romanian personnel in the Netherlands and we assist and advise them regarding all practical matters through our extensive experiences gained in the Netherlands. All this in order to provide you with a top quality service!

We will find some new business premises which are more suitable for a service organisation. Further details will follow in due course.

The undersigned is Cristina Procop’s replacement for the forthcoming period.

With Kind Regards,

Rik Diederiks

CEO Wind Turbine Service


+31 321 316042

+40 7 852 92 973


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