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About us

Wind Turbine Service is a leader and strong growing national and international organization for wind energy. Our roots go back to the early 90's when the knowledge and experience began, in this ever changing sector, coming up with solid and adequate solutions. 



Wind Turbine Service is one of the first independent maintenance company for Wind Turbines in Europe. Through our long term experience, number of sattisfied customers and keeping up to date about market developments we've created a number of standard maintenance packages.

Wind Turbine owners

Your wind turbine is an expensive machine. We know very well how important it is that your wind turbine is always up and running for whenever there is wind. Through good maintenance and preventative repairs, standstills will be kept to a minimum. 


Second Hand Wind Turbines

Windturbineservice BV maintains, overhauls and sells wind turbines. We distinguish ourselves by offering turbines with a 5 to 10-year warranty. As a result, a used wind turbine is and remains a valuable investment. What further distinguishes us is our commitment. 

Welcome to Wind Turbine Service

In our opinion wind is a clean form of energy produced by the movements of nature. In order to convert these movements into clean energy, we know the importance of a well-functioning wind turbine, being a specialist in the wind turbine sector. Since the beginning of the nineties we have been working with numerous maintenance techniques and solutions to keep this fascinating form of energy continuous and profitable for a better world!
Wind Turbine Service B.V. (WTS B.V.) is an all-round service and maintenance company with many years of experience. Keywords for a smooth running wind turbine are “service” and “maintenance”, our core business! WTS provides service and maintenance to many types of wind turbines. In addition to maintenance, we can offer complete maintenance packages including sheet maintenance, health and safety inspections and insurances.
Filling in long term goals in close consultation with clients and suppliers is one of our daily activities. We are regularly involved in projects for the replacement / modification of a wind farm. In all our activities we strive for open communication and we always try to supply innovating new ideas!