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Energy Companies

We enjoy working with innovating energy companies to discuss the prospects of creating clean energy. Without these initiatives, we would not be able to come as far, as fast with the developments of clean energy. An important component in creating clean energy is choosing a good and reliable source. Wind energy is one of the most attractive forms of creating clean energy because the wind is a source that is available all day and night. The Netherlands has been working since 1280 with wind energy and the windmill is a symbol in the Dutch culture. It is not surprising that the Dutch have a close affinity with windmills. 

Being an organisation in this branch we think that is it of upmost importance that the energy companies from this generation are supported in their choice of clean energy. It is because of this reason that we assist various companies in their choice of the right wind turbine, location and size of the project when it comes to maintaining already active wind parks. The focus of the energy company lies in profitable and responsible energy and not in creating wind parks and maintaining them. That is what we are here for!

Our Quality

Wind turbines are an enormous investment and are complex machines which are not simple to maintain because there is a lot of knowledge and experience necessary. All of our experienced mechanics are well trained with the latest knowledge. 

For both single wind turbines and wind parks quality and safety are our main priorities and everything we do is handled with care.

Our Experience

Since day one of our start at WTS we have been working with larger energy companies in the Netherlands for maintaining and giving advice about wind parks. Because we have years of experience with wind parks we know what is important for your company. 

Our services comply with society‚Äôs demands to be able to keep an overview and to work well with the owner(s) of the wind parks. For example: declaring hours, keeping track of maintenance papers and the inspections. Keeping track of these things is not enough. 

We provide plenty of information to be able to make your administration complete and we regularly plan evaluations to keep each other in check.