Windturbine Service
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Our strenghts

Because of our experiences we have developed diverse activities which are closely related to the roots of this organization. These activities are listed below:
  • looking for the best wind locations for placing a wind turbine
  • carrying out measurements for potential locations for future wind turbines
  • giving advice for the best type of wind turbine for certain locations, financing, legal requirements and durability.
  • supervising the financial application for the wind turbine
  • supervising the license application for the wind turbine
  • supervising the application for subsidies for the wind turbine
  • making a planning for building a new wind turbine
  • building and the delivery of a fully functional wind turbine.
  • completing the necessary maintenance services according to the requirements from the manufacturer
  • creating tailored solutions for wind turbines. For example tools, mechanical equipment inside the wind turbine, hardware and software (remote systems) etc.
  • repairing or replacing bigger parts of the wind turbine. For example the blades, gear box and parts of the nacelle etc.

fully breaking down and removing an existing wind turbine for the following reasons:
  • preparing the wind turbine to be sold
  • placing the wind turbine somewhere else (after selling)
  • reusing different parts of the wind turbine