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Our structure

Wind Turbine Service b.v. was created from a manufacturer in the early 80's. This manufacturer was the forefather of many of the developments that we see today. By taking over the experience and knowledge from the pioneers and continuing, we find ourselves in a knowledgeable organization where the words "can't" do not exist. 

Our organization contains different departments to be able to work efficiently. With several completely equipped maintenance teams in and outside the Netherlands we are prepared to react adequately. All of our maintenance workers are prepared and trained to know the latest requirements to be able to work carefully even in the most difficult situations. 

From our main office in the Netherlands, our Sales department is continually busying itself with answering questions, providing information, promotional activities and sales. We are very driven to find other companies to work with. Because we think that you can not make a better world alone. 

To be able to come up with concrete solutions and to make use of the possibilities which are available, our Development department is continuously looking for that little something extra that makes wind turbines easier, better and or more productive. The possibilities have no boundaries when it comes to certain requirements, product parts, tools to measure wind speed etc. You can find the latest developments on our web-site.